Monday, September 26, 2011

Hamster Balls!
Joy having fun with her cousin Megan at the fair! (Joy in clear ball, Megan in blue.)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Laser Tag!!

I LOVE this picture of Joy in her laser tag gear!! She played for the first time @ Stars and Strikes after a night of bowling with Karen and Lee. (Sadly we got rear-ended on our way home that night! No fun, but everyone is O.K.! We joked about our real-life bumper car action since the bumper cars were the only thing we hadn't done @ Stars and Strikes!!)

Brace-off sleep-over celebration!

It's been 6 weeks of the Scottish Rite brace, and Joy is brace free!!!! (We see Dr. Flanagan Wednesday to make it official.)Her friends came over for a sleep-over, playing outside, picnic, hot-tub, walk to Brusters, girls rock-band, Wii games, etc. Also my sis-in-law Karen was in town for work, so we had a fun filled weekend with her and Grandpa Lee too!!
More pictures to come, here's the picnic!

Fun Run!

This year at Joy's elementary school they raised money with a Boosterthon Fun Run! Joy rolled (was pushed around....) for 29 laps, then did the 30th on crutches, and walked the victory lap holding my hand! So proud of her!!! School raised over 20,000!!

Joy and Lilly

Our neighbor Virginia's poodle LOVES Joy! They hadn't seen each other all summer!!