Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jump for Joy!!

Today we saw Dr. Flanagan and got several x-rays (left ankle too since it's been's normal.) The hip is doing well enough that Joy can go down to once a week for physical therapy, and was cleared to run and jump! (Although she said jumping is still the worst thing for Joy's hip, do it as tolerated.)Then we hung out at the hospital, visited the rehab unit, had lunch in the newly remodeled cafeteria, and got to make an amazing gingerbread house in the ZONE!!! I think we were there 5 hours! The hospital is decorated for the holidays, and is quite lovely!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sleeping brace/pillow

When we heard Joy would have to sleep in her brace for 6 months, I immediately asked for one of these. (The metal/velcro walking brace would have been very hard to sleep in!) Only one and a half more months to go before she's hit the 6 month mark!! Whew! I know she'll be happy to say goodbye to this ritual!