Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No more Physical Therapy!!!

Joy was released from PT in March, but continues to go to Aqua-therapy at least until summertime. We bought her a scooter to celebrate (riding a scooter was encouraged by her therapist and we had been borrowing the neighbor's old beat-up scooter.) Sadly, we had to return the helmet when we noticed it was toddler sized, and they don't make the kitty ones for big kids. Oh well.

Easter Joy

This year on Easter I had to think back to one year ago when Joy was in the ex-fix and her first time going out was for the Easter egg hunt. She arrived in her reclining wheelchair and hunted eggs with a grabber while using her walker. She's come such a long way in one year!!!

4th grade field trip

Today's bus experience is quite different from the "empty "special" bus in 3rd grade.....the 4th grade loaded onto huge fancy tour busses to go to Alabama and visit American Village! She won't get home until after 6 tonight, I can't wait to hear how it was....